Great Health at 65 Years Young

Being of sound mind, especially after being on Youngevity Products, I wish to give my testimony. I do not know how 65-yr-old men are supposed to feel but I do know that I feel great, look great and my attitude is great! I can assure you that at 61", weighing 218 lbs., I am in great physical shape. I lost 50 lbs. using Nicotinamide Riboside and Youngevity products.

I enjoy sharing with folks how to find great health the natural way. I know the importance of great health! Playing college and professional football with the Dallas Texans and coaching for many years, it has taken its toll on my body. Due to Youngevity products, and proper nutrition, I have been able to improve and continue my great health.

About four months ago my hip and both knees started giving me problems. I said, "Oh Me! This can not be." So, I went to one of the top doctors in Nashville. He took x-rays of both knees and had bad news. One knee was as bad as most surgery candidates and the other knee was worse than any patient he had ever seen. So, surgery time was set. I had three months to get ready. The first step was to go to a class that would prepare me for the surgery, giving me exercise and nutritional advice. I found out what I already knew!! I doubled up on Youngevity products starting that day. All so I would have an easy time in surgery and a quicker recovery period.

About four days before surgery I was out on the property tilling up the ground for our garden when I said to myself, "Self, you better slow down, you are having double knee replacement surgery in a few days." Then I started thinking about the past few weeks. I was doing more than I had done in quite some time. ~ ~ CLUE #1~ ~ I called the surgeon and said I wanted another x-ray done. The x-ray showed no change at all. ~ ~ CLUE #2 ~ ~ After telling the doctor how much better I was feeling and the things I was able to do, he told me if I did not want to do the surgery I did not have to. I said, "Great! Cancel it!" I could not be happier. I have no pain and am working harder and tilling more ground. We will be moving into our new log home we are building in just a few weeks.

Our friends at church and others have been praying for the scheduled surgery and me. I told them that they prayed sooo good that I recovered before surgery could take place. Thanks to answered prayer and Youngevity products. I am feeling better and living longer!