Irish Moss

Another name of Irish moss is carrageenan. It is a plant whose branches, oil, and cone are used for medicine for treatment of cough, head colds, and bronchitis. Recently, people started to use Irish moss to treat different gastrointestinal disorders such as intestinal ulcerations, inflammatory bowel syndrome and tumor growths.
There is lack of information as to how Irish moss might work but it demonstrates effect when applied to the skin in case of head colds, bronchitis, cough and other conditions. Irish moss a lot of vitamins and minerals such as iron, iodine, calcium, potassium magnesium, and folate. Today Irish moss is commonly used as a respiratory tonic. It is helpful for sore throats, coughs, for expelling excess mucus from the lungs and relieving congestion.
It has been also extensively used as an anti-inflammatory tonic for pneumonia and bronchitis by many coastal nations around the world. Irish moss is extensively utilized in natural creams, cosmetics, and beauty products, for strengthening joints and connective tissue, soothing a digestive tract. It can also offer some support in the process of weight loss and provides healthy metabolism.

Irish moss is a plant used to treat different health conditions and illnesses, very well combined with osphena. Little information is known about the safety of Irish moss but it can cause some side effects including kidney irritation. Pregnant and breast-feeding ladies are advised to avoid using Irish moss as almost nothing is known about its usage in these periods.
It is important to choose an appropriate dose of Irish moss which depends on a few factors such as the health of the user, his or her age, and some other conditions. Little scientific information is known which would help to determine the right dose of this remedy. It is recommended to follow the directions on product labels and talk to your physician, pharmacist or healthcare professional before taking this supplement.
There are some disadvantages of Irish moss. It won't boost your metabolism and lead to weight loss if you don't change your lifestyle. Secondly, it contains iron and iodine which can be harmful in a number of ways.