Noni Fruit Powder

Noni is an evergreen tree growing in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and India. Historically it was used to dye clothes, as well as medicine applied to the skin. In the modern medicine mainly noni fruit, flowers, leaves, bark, stems, and roots are used for a number of ailments. But the effectiveness of these uses hasn't been proven. One can also get noni fruit powder.
People take noni fruit powder by mouth for convulsions, colic, cough, painful urination, diabetes, stimulating menstrual flow, liver disease, fever, constipation, malarial fever, vaginal discharge during pregnancy, and nausea. It can be also used for enlarged spleen, smallpox, swelling, arthritis, asthma, different bone and joint issues, cataracts, cancer, colds, digestive problems, depression, and gastric ulcers. Some other uses also include infections, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, premenstrual syndrome, migraineheadache, stroke, sedation and pain.
Noni works due to special substance potassium which helps to repair damaged body cells, strengthen the immune system, etc.

Noni fruit powder is safe when taken in food amounts, however, it can be unsafe it taken in medicinal amounts. Noni fruit powder can lead to liver damage in some users. There are reports of liver damage in those who drank noni juice or tea for a few weeks. But it's not clear for sure whether noni was the cause.
Noni fruit powder should not be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Historically this plant has been used for abortions. As almost nothing is known about the usage of noni during breast-feeding it is better to avoid it. Noni fruit powder contains a lot of potassium which is prohibited for people with kidney problems. One report has been received that a person with kidney disease had too high levels of potassium in the blood after consuming noni juice. Liver disease is also a reason to avoid noni fruit powder. The matter is that noni has been linked to at least three cases of liver damage. So, if you have liver disease, don't take this powder.